A Book Review by Elizabeth Erlandson

An Addiction Recovery Book With Heart, Humor, and Heaps of Hope

This book is so good you will want to share it with your friends

Elizabeth Erlandson
2 min readSep 20, 2022

I bought this book because I enjoyed reading a few articles on Medium by Deb Palmer, one of the authors of In Spite of Us. Her style is entertaining, filled with humor and heart. This book, co-written with her husband Sandy, fulfilled all my expectations and more.

Deb and Sandy have lived messy lives and are still muddling around when they meet. Their problems include addiction, adultery, abuse, and other serious failings. The odds of anything good coming out of their relationship are next to nil.

Each chapter recounts a pivotal event in their lives. First, Deb writes about the event from her perspective, what she was thinking and how she was acting. Next, Sandy writes about the same event from his point of view. Their honesty is refreshing. You can’t help but like these people and root for their success.

Deb and Sandy are fun, down-to-earth, and authentic. They are also good writers.

I do not belong to an addiction recovery group, but if I did, I would suggest that this book be recommended and available to all the members.



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